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Sturgis Photograph Collection

Identifier: P-STURGIS


The Sturgis Photograph Collection was donated to the College in the early 1980s by Doctors Katharine R. and Samuel B. Sturgis. It contains a large number of the College's pictures and oversize documents (diplomas, certificates, etc.). The subjects of the materials range from portraits of physicians, early hospital buildings, group photographs of medical societies, and class photographs of medical school students, to lecture matriculation cards and medical illustrations. Researchers should note that the collection contains a wide variety of early photographs of the College's buildings, both the previous building at 13th & Locust Streets, and the present building and 19 S. 22nd Street.

Over 100 portfolios and bound volumes are included. The collection was processed soon after acquistion.

A number was assigned to each portfolio or volume on the basis of 1) its content and form of representation (i.e., "1" means portraits - prints; "2" means photographs - portraits); and 2) the size of the portfolio or volume (i.e. "S" (small) means 47cm; "M" (medium) means 59cm; and "F" (elephant) means 75cm). Therefore, S-1-A means a small portfolio of portraits (prints) of persons whose last name begins with A.


  • undated


50 boxes

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