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Astley Paston Cooper Ashhurst papers I

Identifier: MSS 2/072

Scope and Contents

This small collection of Astley P. C. Ashhurst's correspondence, 1902 (1920-1932), documents his association with the American Surgical Association and the Interurban Surgical Society as well as his friendship with noted physicians and surgeons, including Harvey Cushing and D'Arcy Power. Most items contain little substantial information and were probably retained for their autograph value.

Series 1.1 contains general correspondence, 1902-1932, filed alphabetically by author. Occasional drafts or copies of Ashhurst's replies are included. Most items thank Ashhurst for sending reprints or respond to invitations. Items of note include: W. Bernard Kinlaw's report on congenital absence of gall bladder, 1925; William Pepper's historical research on the positions of John Ashhurst, Jr., in the Medical Department at the University of Pennsylvania, 1909; and W. Harold Storm's description of his experiences in Kuwait and four photographs, circa 1928.

Ashhurst's correspondence with John W. Churchman, Secretary-Treasurer of the Interurban Surgical Society, 1915-1917, is contained in Series 1.2. These letters concern the nomination of new members to the society.

Series 2 contains correspondence received, 1921-1931, from fellows of the American Surgical Association. These letters respond to Ashhurst's request for photographs for inclusion in the Roberts Collection at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. After the death of John B. Roberts in 1924, Astley P. C. Ashhurst assumed responsibility for the collection's growth.

An Ashhurst signature cutting, dated October 1928, is contained in Series 3.


  • 1902 - 1932


Biographical / Historical

Astley Paston Cooper Ashhurst, surgeon, was born in Philadelphia on 21 August 1876; he was the sixth child of physician John Ashhurst, Jr., and Sarah Stokes Wayne Ashhurst. Astley P. C. Ashhurst married Anna P. Campbell in 1930. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Philadelphia on 19 September 1932. The Ashhursts had one child, a daughter, born in 1933.

Astley P. C. Ashhurst attended the University of Pennsylvania, receiving his A.B. in 1896 and his M.D. in 1900. He served an internship at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in 1900, then at the Protestant Episcopal Hospital, from 1901 to 1903. From 1904 to 1915, he was Surgeon to the Dispensary at Episcopal Hospital. He was also Assistant Surgeon (1904-1914) and, later, Surgeon (from 1914), at the Philadelphia Orthopaedic Hospital and Infirmary for Nervous Diseases; Assistant Surgeon at the German Hospital (1904-1906); Surgeon to the Dispensary at Children's Hospital (1906-1911); and Chief of the Gynecological Department at Pennsylvania Hospital (1906-1911). Ashhurst had a particular interest in bone and orthopaedic surgery.

At the University of Pennsylvania, he held the chair of Institutes of Surgery from 1911-1920 and was Professor of Clinical Surgery from 1923 to 1932. Ashhurst wrote many articles, several in collaboration with John B. Deaver, as well as a textbook on the principles and practice of surgery. Ashhurst was active in many professional organizations, including the American Surgical Association, the International Society of Surgery, the Interurban Surgical Society, and the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery. He was elected to fellowship in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia in 1906.


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Custodial History

This collection of Astley P. C. Ashhurst's correspondence was donated to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia by Astley P. C. Ashhurst at various times from 1919 to 1932; one additional item was donated by Anna P. Campbell Ashhurst in 1933. The bulk of the collection was probably donated in September and October 1924.

The collection was removed from the Autograph Collection circa 1983; it was processed and catalogued in 1990.

Related Materials

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Name Item Date Location

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Name Item Date Location

Packard, Francis R. TLS 1931-11-17 Philadelphia, Pa. Pepper, William TLS 1909-01-21 Philadelphia, Pa. Piper, Edmund B. TL 1928-01-13 [n.p.] Placak, J. C. TLS 1922-04-13 Cleveland, Ohio Porter, Miles, F. TLS 1922-10-16 Fort Wayne, Ind. Power, D'Arcy TLS 1925-05-30 London, England Proust, Robert ALS [n.d.] [Paris, France?] Ridlon, John TLS 1922-12-07 Chicago, Ill. TLS 1922-11-28 Chicago, Ill. Riesman, David TLS 1922-03-04 Philadelphia, Pa. Robson, A. W. Mayo TLS 1906-09-25 London, England Schilling, Nicholas TLS 1925-04-10 New Hampton, Iowa [to Schilling, Nicholas] TL 1925-04-13 [Philadelphia, Pa.] Scudder, Charles L. ALS 1906-01-29 Boston, Mass. ALS 1926-02-28 Boston, Mass. Seward, Blanton P. TLS 1931-08-10 Roanoke, Va. Sociedad Medica Mutualista Chihuahuense TLS 1904-03-14 [Chihuahua, Mexico?] Starr, Clarence L. TLS 1925-01-05 Toronto, Canada Stengel, Alfred TLS 1922-04-10 Philadelphia, Pa. Stiles, Howard J. ALS 1921-10-21 New York, N.Y. ALS 1921-11-17 [at sea] Storm, W. Harold ALS [ca.1928-05-06?] Kuwait, Arabia Synnott, Martin J. TLS 1921-10-19 Montclair, N.J. Thompson, James E. ALS 1921-10-20 Galveston, Tx. Tinker, Martin B. TLS 1926-01-15 Ithaca, N.Y. [to Tinker, Martin B.] TL [ca.1926-01-18?] [Philadelphia, Pa.] Troell, Abraham ALS 1923-12-15 [n.p.] Trout, Hugh H. TLS 1922-02-27 Roanoke, Va. Van Harlingen, Arthur ALS 1906-08-11 Philadelphia, Pa. Weil, Grover C. TLS 1925-03-02 Pittsburgh, Pa. Whipple, Allen O. TLS 1928-04-18 New York, N.Y. Winslow, Randolph ALS 1927-12-16 Baltimore, Md. Zapelloni, L. C. ALS 1920-10-06 Rome, Italy

Series 2

Name Item Date Location

Abell, Irvin TLS 1930-06-05 Louisville, Ky. Allen, Arthur W. TLS 1929-05-31 Boston, Mass. Balch, Franklin G. TLS 1925-01-05 Boston, Mass. TLS 1931-04-28 Boston, Mass. Ballance, C. A. ALS 1925-01-16 London, England Binney, Horace TLS 1930-05-24 Boston, Mass. TLS 1931-05-11 Boston, Mass. Boland, Frank K. TLS 1927-05-20 Atlanta, Ga. Brooks, Barney TLS 1929-04-12 Nashville, Tenn. Brown, Henry P., Jr. TLS 1929-06-05 Philadelphia, Pa. Brunn, Harold TLS 1929-06-06 San Francisco, Calif. Carrel, Alexis TLS 1925-01-14 New York, N.Y. Carson, John B. ALS 1928-12-21 Philadelphia, Pa. Copher, Glover H. TLS 1920-05-26 St. Louis, Mo. Cushing, Harvey TLS 1928-01-13 Boston, Mass. Cutler, Elliott C. TLS 1925-05-29 Cleveland, Ohio David, Vernon C. TLS 1925-01-13 Chicago, Ill. Drennen, Earle TLS 1929-04-23 Birmingham, Ala. Gatewood TLS 1929-06-05 Chicago, Ill. Goetsch, Emil TLS 1929-03-12 Brooklyn, N.Y. Graham, Evarts A. TLS 1926-03-12 St. Louis, Mo. Harvey, Samuel C. TLS 1929-03-23 New Haven, Conn. Hegner, Casper F. TLS 1929-06-06 Denver, Colo. Jennings, John Edward TLS 1930-06-03 Brooklyn, N.Y. Jopson, John H. TLS 1929-11-09 Philadelphia, Pa. Joyce, Thomas M. TLS 1930-05-28 Portland, Or. Judd, E. Starr TLS 1924-12-20 Rochester, Minn. Keller, W. L. TLS 1926-04-02 Washington, D.C. Keogh, Alfred ALS 1930-02-22 St. Jean de Luz, France Kerr, Harry Hyland TLS 1924-12-23 Washington, D.C. de Martel, Thierry TLS 1927-09-05 Paris, France Mason, James Tate TLS 1930-06-03 Seattle, Wash. Mayo, William J. TLS 1928-01-09 Rochester, Minn. McGlannan, Alexius TLS 1930-05-27 Baltimore, Md. McKenna, Hugh TLS 1925-08-16 Chicago, Ill. Olmsted, Ingersoll ALS 1930-04-24 Hamilton, Canada Orr, Thomas G. TLS 1929-06-01 Kansas City, Mo. Pemberton, John de J. TLS 1929-05-28 Rochester, Minn. Pilcher, Lewis Stephen TLS 1930-06-13 Brooklyn, N.Y. Rixford, Emmet TLS 1927-06-08 San Francisco, Calif. TLS 1927-12-12 San Francisco, Calif. Robertson, D. E. TLS 1929-05-16 Toronto, Canada TLS 1929-12-19 Toronto, Canada Schwyzer, A. TLS 1929-03-02 St. Paul, Minn. Scrimger, Francis A. C. TLS 1930-06-06 Montreal, Canada Sherwood, Walter A. TLS 1930-04-28 Brooklyn, N.Y. Simmons, Channing C. TLS 1926-06-03 Boston, Mass. Sistrunk, Walter E. TLS 1924-12-30 Rochester, Minn. Smith, Rea TLS 1925-10-03 Los Angeles, Calif. Vaughan, J. Walter TLS 1929-03-19 Detroit, Mich. Walther, Charles ALS 1921-01-18 Paris, France ALS 1921-12-17 Paris, France
Astley Paston Cooper Ashhurst papers I
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